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Helping Doctors.
Helping People.

Angels On Earth is committed to support healthcare professionals in their critical role of providing the best care for infants in need. Our software provides real-time data that supports doctors in ensuring that every child has access to the life-saving benefits of mother's milk.


Why chose us?

01. Simplicity

Our application simplifies nutrition product, order and milk management, designed with and for practitioners.

02. Network

Our services ensure a perfectly integrated network between milk banks throughout the European Union at first using advanced top-notch technologies .

03. Security

We commit to EHR compliance regulations, ensuring secure data management and effortless integration for a trustworthy digital healthcare experience.

04. Reporting

We provide advanced real-time data analytics tools, enabling milk banks to understand evolving demands and trends for more efficient management and more accurate distribution of breast milk.


Experience our Application

Join us in our mission to empower healthcare professionals and improve patient care. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demonstration and see how our software can transform your bank milk management.


About Angels On Earth

Our Story

Like every strong and successful story - Our personal experience: spent with our daughter in the hospital for almost a year and a half, since her birth, motivated us to establish a company that gathers the best experts in the field , dedicated to the assistance and support of medical personnel, considering our desire to contribute with the best possible technological solutions to support those who, like angels in white coats, dedicate themselves every day to saving lives, and to bring a ray of hope where it is needed most.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower healthcare professionals with comprehensive tools that facilitate informed decision-making, enabling them to deliver unparalleled care and support to infants in need.

Our Technology

Our technology aims to revolutionize healthcare by providing cutting-edge tools and solutions. We strive to empower healthcare professionals with innovative technologies that enhance their capabilities, streamline processes, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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